Parenting Skills to Help With Difficult Children

Every parent has a problem at one time or another with their child. Sometimes problems are easily solved, but other times it takes s a little creative parenting to get the job done.

Every child goes through certain phases, the terrible twos has to be the most popular one of all. After that there is the same sort of phase in the early teen years.

Here are some things you can try to get past these trying discipline problems.

Tip #1 Hold Your Tongue

Sometimes it is best to step back and not say anything. Your child will see what you are saying as an opportunity to try to talk you out of it. They will argue and they will end up not doing what you want.

Instead, tell your child what you they need to do and the punishment if it is not done. Don’t discuss it at all. If they choose to not do it then implement the punishment right away without discussion.

Tip #2 Use The Time Out Method

Have a talk with her before you start giving time outs and explain to your child what you plan to do. It is important for you to stay calm, do not yell and take deep breaths.

If your child does not do what you asked her to do then put her in time out. A child should be in time out for the number of minutes that coincides with their age. For example, a three year old would be in time out for three minutes.

A regular kitchen timer works well for timing.

Tip #3 Keep The Consistency

You need to remain consistent in your discipline efforts. If you do not keep consistent you will start to lose your battle even if it only happens once. Keep up with this. It does not matter what kind of behavior problem your child has.
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