6 Tips for Successful and Effective Parenting

Need help to a more effective parenting? Here are some tips that you may find them useful. While they are not exhaustive but it should provide a background to expand your parenting skills.

1. Unconditional Love

All children must beware of their parent’s unconditional love for them. ie. We must continue to love our child regardless of their success or failure. A child that knows they are loved and feels that love on a daily basis is more likely to be successful in school and grow up to be a loving, concerned parent themselves.

2. Communication is Key

An open line of communication is perhaps one of the most important aspects of parenting. Many children feel that parents or adults in general, don’t listen to them long enough to hear what they’re actually saying.

Instead of saying “How dare you stay out past your curfew?” try something such as “I worry when you’re late, thinking that something is wrong. What can we do to make sure this doesn’t happen again?”

3. Be Fair and Honest

All children learn by example. Leading by example is a great way to instill a healthy set of values in your child. All parents hopefully tell their children that lying is not acceptable. It’s important to live your life as a positive example for your child, remembering that kids often see and hear much more than we realize.

Allowing your child to hear you telling “little white lies” or watching you keep the extra money the clerk gave by mistake, or seeing you somehow shirking your duties and responsibilities as an adult are all ways of encouraging dishonesty and negative behavior.

4. Encourage Success

Encourage your child to succeed in whatever venture they decide to undertake. Whether it’s getting good grades, excelling at sports, or being involved with other productive activities, be sure to offer plenty of praise, understanding, and patience. Also, parents should make it their purpose to be supportive in whatever endeavor their child decides upon. This is not to say that a parent’s opinion and advice aren’t needed or warranted, however, the manner in which we express those thoughts and feelings really do make an inherit difference.

5. Be Consistent

When disciplining your children, consistency is of the utmost importance. The moment a child realizes that you are merely making idle threats and not following through when it comes time to dole out discipline, they’ll take advantage of this and never learn there are consequences for all of our actions.

Discipline should never depend upon the parent’s mood or whether or not they had a bad day at the office. The same exact consequences must be used each and every time the unwanted behavior happens regardless of any outlying factors. Children need their world outlined in black and white, with boundaries, rules and supervision.

6. Be Positive

Although at one time or another it may seem that life is full of adversity and obstacles, it’s important for those of us with children to remain as positive as possible. Realizing that a child is similar to tiny a sponge, soaking up all the information they can and absorbing everything around them, we must keep in mind that our actions and everything we say has a profound effect on our children.
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